Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Gibson’s Finest 12 Year

Spirit Name: Gibson’s Finest 12 Year
Category: Blended Whisky
Country: Canada
Region: Ontario
ABV: 40% (but should be at 43% or above)
Price range: 750ml $28.25 CDN
Nose: Sweet warm spirity nose.  Typical Canadian but with more refinement because it thankfully isn’t “corn forward”.  There is a nice spice and rye undertone propping everything up.
Taste:  Wow, this is a fine example of what Canada can produce if we aren’t trying to fill the world’s requirements of cheap brown spirits to mix with ginger ale.  Its nicely matured and yet has some vigor provided by the spicy rye influence.  Its finely balanced and has a nice depth for a blend fronted by the strong anise tones throughout.  It’ll never be mistaken for Scotch or Bourbon; it is it’s own animal, and this sucker has fangs!
Finish:  Pleasantly warm on the palate.  Not too long but it’ll do the trick.  Sweet coating on the tongue hangs out and dances for a bit.
Would I buy it again: Yup, I’ll always have a bottle at the ready.  It’s also a great option to give someone who wouldn’t appreciate that bottle of Talisker on the top shelf.
Would I recommend it to a friend:  Yes, already have. Turned him away from his Crown Royal (corn based swill if you ask me) and onto this.
Worthy as a daily dram:  An excellent Canadian option for an after work nip. 
Collection worthy: Not this one, but the 18 year is a must have.
Comments:  If only Canada would spend more time producing something like this Gibson’s 12 Year we’d be MUCH more respected on the world whisky stage.  This whisky (although its a blend) can stand tall beside many of the worlds best blended options.  Its readily available throughout Canada for less than $30.  It isn’t however exported, even though its owned by William Grant & Son’s (think Glenfiddich/Balvenie).  I’m torn over wanting WG&S to show this spirit to the world.  If they do, I’m sure it will be well received and therefore constrict supply in Canada.  And that just wouldn’t do...
From the bottle:
“Gibson’s Finest 12 Year old is a superb blend of fine aged Canadian whiskies.  The result is the exceptionally smooth, soft and mellow taste unique to Gibson’s Finest, now recognized as one of Canada’s finest.”

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