Wednesday, 1 June 2011

So let’s get started...

I guess I should set the stage for how I’m going to conduct my product evaluations.  My thoughts are this, NO point system.  I think a product profile and list of comments is more realistic and gives people a general feel for where a product lands in my opinion.  Let’s face it, I’m not an expert.  As a matter of fact, I’m just another cliche blogger on a soap box.  My goal is simply this - I’m going to share my experiences with those that care to read them.  If I manage to learn something along the way and help point someone towards a spirit they might enjoy, even better.
So here is how its going to look (example below):

Spirit Name: Alberta Premium NAS
Category: Rye
Country: Canada
Region: Alberta, western Canada.
Price range: 750ml $23.40 CDN
Nose: Typical rye spice, “Canadian” sweetness but with no corn flavours to ruin things, young fresh spirit but not in a bad way, black licorice, muted floral notes hidden underneath. 
Taste: Wow spicy as hell, warm sweet candy, vanilla, mildly sour rye influence, pronounced Australian black licorice to the point of over powering everything else.
Neat or water:  Water makes it more gentle and brings out the other subtle flavours that the black licorice stomps all over and hides when neat. Recommended but try it neat first for the full impact.
Finish: Warm and soothing but nothing to write home about.
Would I buy it again: Absolutely, without question.
Would I recommend it to a friend: Yes, but its so cheap I’d almost be embarrassed to.
Worthy as a daily dram: 100% yes run out and get it right now!
Collection worthy: Not really, but the 25 or the 30 year are a must for your shelf.
Comments: Reminds me of an odd but extremely pleasant single malt.  When you break it down, its basically a 5 year old Canadian 100% Rye grain single malt.  Too bad its only available in Canada, sorry guys.  I have to say, its extremely tasty for something marketed as so “run of the mill”.  What are they thinking with that bottle and package design, 70’s anyone?  It needs some brand attention.  A new bottle, better label design and a $20 price increase - then you’d have a presentation worthy of the liquid inside.

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  1. The 30 year old is in the stores. My brother in Regina picked up some bottles, as it does not come to BC until July.