Thursday, 2 June 2011

Glendullan, The Singleton of... 12 Year

Spirit Name: Glendullan, The Singleton of... 12 Year
Category: Scotch
Country: Scotland
Region: Speyside
ABV: 40% (but should be at 43% or above)
Price range: 750ml $46.45 CDN
Nose: Enticing, warming. Noticeable sherry influence, orchard fruits, creamy vanilla with fresh flowers.  This is really nice to spend time with. 
Taste: The taste matches the nose.  Pronounced sherry but not off the charts like The Macallan.  More restrained and balanced with the vanillas and carmel notes from the American oak.  Fruits, flowers, malty sweet - but not too sweet.  Let it sit for a while and it reveals itself.  Very nice, tastes like more...!
Neat or water: Water mellows everything out but too much can wash it out.  Try it neat then add drops until you dial it in.
Finish: It fades quicker than I would like but it doesn’t disappoint.
Would I buy it again: Absolutely, without question.  As a matter of fact, I’m almost done my bottle so I have to!
Would I recommend it to a friend: Yes, and in fact I have.
Worthy as a daily dram: 100% yes run out and get it right now!  Why are you still here?  GO!
Collection worthy: Its not really something to put behind glass.  But it should be a staple on your daily dram shelf.
Comments: This has a little bit of everything except Islay.  If you are a fan of anything mainland, you will want a bottle of this.  Hats off to the master distiller/blender on this one as the balance is great.  The back of the bottle reads:
“This rounded, elegant and beautifully balanced malt comes from the heart of Speyside.  We make it slowly, traditionally, with selected barley and pure water from the high hills above the glen.  Long aging in a unique balance of European Sherry Oak and American Bourbon Oak casks allows The Singleton of Glendullan to develop its rich, smooth character.”
That’s fluffy marketing propaganda, but a pretty good description in actual fact.  The only thing detracting from this is that its a big new branded SMW from Diageo.  If you can manage to set that aside in your mind and just enjoy it for what it is (a pretty kick ass SWM for only $45), then you’ll always keep this in stock as a daily “go to” dram after a long hard day.

Let's see what TomC the peatluvr has to say:

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  1. No slight on the whisky, but the bottle needs a re- think. Too narrow a base and easily toppled, with resultant loss of spirit and much swearing.